Masseter Hypertrophy Treatment Before and After Photos

Masseter hypertrophy treatment is very popular at our Sydney Clinic. Masseter hypertrophy is present in some...

January 2013 Hotties

So many hotties this month. Unbelievable! My patients kill me. You try being around 10s all day:)

POLO IN THE CITY Nov 2013 Dr Naomi Marquee Guests Represent!

Thankyou to my guests, you went to so much effort with your styling. LOVE IT! Here are some of their fashions on the field:

The Injectorati: Is Your Doctor a Member of it?

Yes, I’m talking to you, those who specialize in an area...

Dermal Filler to Make Chin Longer

This patient wanted chin enhancement and an improved jawline. She...

Dermal Filler in Lips

1ml dermal filler injected into the lips can make such a difference. These lips go from so-so to so-hot! We...

Generation Y and Their Lip Aesthetic

I have noticed that Gen Y girls (and maybe Gen Y at heart girls) have a different lip aesthetic to we old Gen Xers.

Injecting Dermal Filler in Lips When Upper Lip is More Projected

When a patient comes to me for dermal filler in lips, and I assess their lip anatomy and find that their upper lip...

#DollsOfDrNaomi Nov 2013

Hot, hot, hot. These dolls are smoking hot! How can I cope with their beauty this month?

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