3 Point Rhinoplasty

3 point rhinoplasty Sydney
3 point rhinoplasty by one of the doctors at our Sydney clinic

The “3 Point Rhinoplasty” is a non-surgical treatment for the nose with filler. The name describes how many areas of the nose which are typically injected.

Often the “3 point rhinoplasty” can be used with patients who have a hook nose or a drooping tip.

The nose is injected into 3 areas. These areas most often include:

  • The nose bridge
  • The nose tip
  • The columella and supprting area of the nose

Case Study of the “3 point rhinoplasty”

Here we have a patient who has a hooked nose. It is not straight on profile and has a drooping tip, which is worsened on smiling.

Our doctor injected 3 areas of his nose with 1 syringe of filler, with the aim of creating a “straighter profile” with less of a drooping tip and with a better angle where the columella meets the cutaneous lip.

This case will need a second treatment to improve the appearance further.

Non surgical rhinoplasty before and after
Non surgical rhinoplasty before and after. of a challenging case. This type of nose requires a big change in the amount of nose tip lift. This result is after 1 ml in 1 session. A second session is recommended

Below is the 3 areas of injection for the “3 point rhino”


What is the price of non-surgical nose job?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty starts at $1000. Please see our pricing section for accurate pricing

If you would like an appointment to see one of our doctors for an assessment of you nose and suitability for 3 point rhinoplasty, please call 13000MANSE (1300062673

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