November, 2014 Archive

Aesthetically, What Do We Look for in Our...


Aesthetically, how can you inspire confidence in your leadership ability? How...

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Dermal Filler for Reconstruction


Dermal fillers can be used for reconstruction purposes as well. Here is a case...

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Lip Enhancement


In this lip augmentation case, we were going for a really natural but sexy...

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Polo Image Madness 2014


One of my patients, who was a guest of another marquee, came past and she saw a...

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Dermal Filler Lips: How Big Should I Go?


How big should I go with my dermal filler in the lips? This is a question that...

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Jowls and Sag: Injecting Dermal Filler to Improve...


Injecting dermal filler  to improve the lower third of the face with regards...

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Bag and Shoe Hotties


Please have a break from my copy today and enjoy these fun, recent bag and shoe...

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Dermal Fillers for Beauty in a 30 something


Here is a 30-something who had multiple syringes of dermal filler to increase...

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The Plastic Positive Movement


There’s a movement of people self-describing as “Plastic Positive”. In...

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Christine McQueen Lips 2014


Since yesterday’s blog post, and the inevitable abuse it inspired on...

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Vintage Filler


Check out this image of my muse, Madison, with vintage dermal filler, injected...

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